Well, this is a new item, a product from Australia that I don’t recall seeing when I was
There. When I found them here in Austin, I wondered, “what are these things?” Actually they are finger limes. The instructions on the package said to cut off the ends of the limes and watch the caviar ooze out. So I paid $8.00 for roughly 20 little limes, took them home, and tried it out.

After you cut off the end of the fruit, you have to roll the lime a little and squeeze it to get the caviar out. What comes out certainly looks like real caviar but has the taste of lime rather than fish.  The little pearls have a wonderful texture. They give a little pop when you bite down on them and are not at all mushy.  I served the caviar on top of fish. It added a great citrus flavor and delightful contrast. I'm sold on finger limes and will definitely continue to explore with them.