I go in waves of what I want to make and what I think my boss wants to eat.  I had a great fresh mozzarella dish when I was in Aspen a week ago which got me thinking.   We used to make our own cheese at one of the restaurants I worked for and I haven't really prepared it since.  I have been wanting to make fresh mozzarella and burrata for sometime now; so a few days ago I was at the local grocery store where they make there own mozzarella and asked if they had curds they would sell to me. They did so I got  1 1/2 lbs of fresh curds.

The first step you will need to do is dice them into uniform pieces.

There is two ways to do it from this point you can either place the curds into a bowl and pour the whey or salted water (1 gallon of water and 1 cup of kosher salt) over it or you can place the curds into a colander and drop them down into the hot salted water.  I chose the first.  You also will need a cool water bath to place the mozzarella in after you have formed it.  It does not have to be ice water. The water that you pour over the mozzarella should be around 160 degrees.  Give it a few minutes until the curds are soft enough to work with.  Then take some of the curds to form a ball.  Do that but folding the top part down to the bottom tucking it into the middle (like kneading a small dinner roll in your hand) Do that a few times stretching the cheese to form a nice ball. Then place it into the water bath.  You want to be careful though not to overwork the cheese because that will toughen it. 

To make burrata you do the same procedure except instead of making a ball of cheese, flatten it out and stuff it with ricotta. For the ricotta I took about 4 oz with a 1/4 cup of half and half, seasoned it with salt and pepper.   I used a ramekin as a guide, I made the mozzarella thin and then stuffed the center with the ricotta mixture. The you pinch together the ends to seal it.  Then turn out the cheese.

To serve simply add pesto and balsamic, little olive oil with some greens.  Serve with toasted bread or crackers