I'm sharing a few photos from a recent celebrity dinner.  My mother is a fan of Pierce Brosnan, and I thought she would appreciate a picture of us together.  I enjoyed cooking for Pierce and Keely Brosnan, Cheech Marin, and his girlfriend.  After dinner they graciously agreed to a photo. This was the first time I had ever asked for a photo with celebrities, it is just something I haven't done.  Cheech's friend played the piano and they tried out a new comedy song for our enjoyment. 

I started this dinner with one of my favorites, a truffle mushroom soup.  I used a variety of mushrooms in the soup, especially the chanterelle.   I topped off the finished soup with slices of fresh black truffles.  For the next course I served a surf and turf composed of Hawaiian snapper and duck confit.  With the number of components that made up this entree, I hustled to do the plating--but it worked beautifully.  Serving VIPs is a welcome challenge. I try different techniques and always learn something beneficial. An important occasion helps me realize that sometimes "simple is the best way to go." 

For dessert I served ginger 3-ways, a fantastic recipe that will go in my cookbook.