I enjoy preparing Sushi night for the family once every few weeks, featuring what's available at the market or on hand.  Recently I used left over hamachi ( yellow tail) and Ahi Tuna along with black garlic.  The deep, rich licorice flavor of black garlic is developed by fermenting natural garlic.   Black garlic has gained attention in the last 5 years here in the United States, but the Japanese and Koreans have long used it for medicinal as well as culinary purposes.  Black garlic is said to have twice the antioxidants and other nutrients of regular garlic. The Chinese produce most of  the world's garlic and black garlic and use it as a cancer preventative.

Using some of the same ingredients described in "sushi night," and borrowing mini taco idea from Nobu I prepared these tartar tacos for Congressman Loyd Doggett. He loved it, so I pass it on to you. 

To make mini tacos use 1 package of small wonton skins.  Unfold each wonton skin and using a ring mold, cut each skin into a circle.  Fry the circles in a hard taco fry basket. I've included a source if you want to use my technique for making the little mini tacos. 

You can purchase the taco fry basket at


I removed the triangular steel molds that hold the tortillas in the taco fry basket and use them as my form or mold.  I place a wonton round over the bottom of the triangular mold to make the taco crease then place another  triangular steel mold on top to hold the wonton in place for frying.  I fill a cast iron skillet half way with oil and place the triangular steel molds in sideways so that each side gets fried with a minimum amount of oil.  Fry for 1 minute and then flip the mold to fry the other side of the wonton.   If this is not clear please let me know and I will post "how to make mini tacos."

For the Fish

8oz Ahi sushi grade Tuna, small diced

De-seeded dried peppers:1 ancho, 1 guajillo, 1 pasilla, 1 new mexico, 1 chipotle 

Put the chiles in coffee grinder and pulse until smooth.

2 tbsp olive oil

1/2 lime juiced

1 clove of black garlic sliced

Salt and pepper


8 oz Hamachi, small diced

3 tbsp of miso mayo

1 tsp Sriracha

1 clove black garlic julienned 

2 leaves of mint julienned

pinch of salt

1 cup Guacamole 

In one bowl mix all the tuna ingredients except the black garlic and set aside.  In a second bowl mix all the hamachi ingredients except black garlic and set aside.  Using small spoons add a little guacamole in the bottom of a cooked wonton taco shell, then top with the tuna.  Garnish the tuna tacos with black garlic and chopped cilantro stems.  Repeat the process with the hamachi,  but garnish with fresh mint. Serve the tacos immediately so the wontons don't get soggy.