This is something I came up with the other day.  It stemmed from a buddy of mine who is about to open a restaurant in a few weeks.  I am helping him with the menu and will post his restaurant very soon. Because there really hasn't been any winter this year and it was 75 degrees, I was looking for a refreshing dessert.  My boss JP, owner of Patron loves when I incorporate it into dishes.  Patron XO Cafe is a great coffee liquor that can be mixed with many things.  I have done a lot with this liquor and this is just another one to add to the list.

Patron XO Ice Cream Float
1 tall shot glass
1 and 1/2 tsp of Patron XO Cafe ( add more if you want it strong )
6 tsp of vanilla ice cream ( mine was homemade)
2 tbsp of soda water

Great for breakfast, dessert, or this weekends super bowl party.