Sous Vide is a technique that has been around for some time now.  Typically you put meat, fish, or vegetable into a cryovac or vacuum sealed bag with some sort of fat or liquid and then place it into a controlled temperature water bath.    I will be showing a lot more sous vide recipes in the future but today a beginner one.  Recently a company called Polyscience has come up with this electric coiled heater that keeps any temperature you want constant.  About 10 years ago I was taught the sous vide technique but this machine was not on the market yet, so we just used a thermometer to keep an eye on what temperature the water was by making adjustments.   If it got too hot then we would add a little ice and if it was too cold then we turned up the heat.  This is the way I have been doing sous vide for the last 10 years and this is how home cooks can sous vide if you don't want to spend about $800 on the polyscience machine.  Granted you will not be as precise as if you had the machine but it can be done with a little practice.   All you need is a vacuum seal machine (you can buy them at target) and bags.  In this recipe though I am doing one hour eggs.  If you cook the egg "slow and low" the egg yolk will have a creamy consistency and the whites will set softly.  To me it seems like the yolk almost doubles in size and the creaminess is incomparable.   If you have the time and the tools its a great alternative to a poached egg.   You can add this slow cooked egg to whatever dish you want.  Salads, soups, vegetables, pastas, meats, and anything else you can think of.

If you have the sous vide machine set it at 146 degrees and let the machine come up to temperature. Follow the directions of your polyscience machine for set up or at home bring your pot of water to that temperature. Slowly lower 8 eggs into the water bath.  Set a timer for 1 hour and forget about it.  Take out the eggs and serve immediately.  I served it with ratatouille.  One note is you want to drain some of the water inside the egg before you place it on the plate.