Last night I had the pleasure of meeting and cooking for Matthew and Camila (Alves) McConaughey.  They were both extremely nice and an absolute delight to cook for.  I started the meal off with an hor's d oeuvre's with beets from our garden sandwich between was a piece of P'tit Agour cheese topped with my signature spicy beet jam which they really enjoyed.   For the first course I served peppercorn crusted grouper. The cauliflower I prepared various ways with lemon cello, cauliflower foam, and with micro florets of cauliflower, which appear in the photo as tiny yellow-topped springs.  To the cauliflower base, I added hedge hog mushrooms, cippolini onions, japanese sweet potato and herbs.  I topped it all with olive oil and micro arugula.   

For the next course I prepared a sous vide mediterranean buffalo tenderloin.  I seasoned the steak with mediterranean spices, and lightly seared it after the sous vide.  I served the steak with a hummus cake (hidden under the steak), baby artichokes, and eggplant.  I paired the steak with two sauces: a classic yogurt tzatziki and a spicy harissa sauce.  This particular course made me quite happy as everyone said it was unbelievably good.  Matthew commented he had never eaten steak prepared this way. He really enjoyed it. 

I finished the dinner with a dessert of roasted whole pear topped with caramel ice cream and caramel sauce.  I also prepared a small bite of peach and vanilla sponge cake.  I'm happy when the guests are happy.  They graciously complemented my efforts, and I left feeling they had enjoyed an exceptional meal.  It was a pleasure cooking for the McConaugheys,  and I thank Matthew for the photo.