We have fresh dinosaur kale in the garden right now. The kale is healthy and crisp and makes delicious chips. As in my last post, I'm using a dehydrator, this time to make kale chips.  (You can make these chips in the oven if you don't have a dehydrator or dinosaur kale, any other variety should work fine. Set the oven temperature low enough and watch the time, checking for dryness.)   With a dehydrator, it's even easier to make these chips.


3 bunches of dinosaur kale

3 tbsp of tandoori spice ( a curry spice blend, or curry powder)

1 bottle of spray olive oil


Wash and thoroughly dry the kale.   Cut the kale into 1 inch pieces and lay them on wire racks.  Put a sheet of plastic ( foil, or parchment paper) underneath the racks to catch the seasoning and make clean up easier.  Spray the kale pieces lightly with olive oil and season them with tandoori spice and salt.  Repeat the process until all the kale is seasoned. Place the racks into a dehydrator set at 120 degrees.  Dry for about 2 1/2 hours.  Place the finished chips in an uncovered container.  A covered container tends to trap moisture that will make the chips soggy.  Some containers have wisesorb packets that absorb unwanted moisture and keep things crunchy.  You might try using a packet to insure dry storage. The chips will last for a few days and provide a delicious low calorie snack.