I recently had the pleasure of cooking for movie director Robert Rodriguez and his girlfriend.  Robert and his friend both enjoy meat,  so I decided to do meat four ways.  I made a duck dish,  that was actually duck in four different ways:  a soft boiled duck egg topped with ground duck cracklings,  duck confit, and seared duck breast on pepper romesco sauce.  I also served sous vide tenderloin with cauliflower mash and jalapeno coffee sauce.  I prepared Thai Beef cheeks in a red curry sauce with zucchini cakes.  And fourth was slow cooked veal sweetbreads with lemon, capers, and kohlrabi.   

Just thinking about all that work makes me tired now!  Everyone enjoyed portions of each of the four meat selections. The arrangement looked impressive with everything lined up on one plate.   Before they ate, Robert and his girlfriend took pictures of their food.  I felt that was a huge compliment.   After everyone finished the 4 course meal on one plate I had a delicious caramel and vanilla souffle with creme anglaise.  Devoured within minutes out of the oven.  Overall it was a great meal and here are a few photos from the evening.