For all you sashimi lovers out there, this one is for you!  To me there is nothing better than a beautiful piece of fresh sashimi with a soy, ponzu sauce, or better yet my Miso and Black Garlic Dressing/Marinade/Sauce.  This dish is highlighting Kona Kampachi.  A beautiful, highly oily and fatty fish which gives that buttery taste and texture when it hits your mouth.  Kona Kampachi is an Hawaiian fish that isn't widely popular in the USA.  There are places where you can find it and if your in the Austin area, Central market is the only place you can find it, and they only have it once in a while.   If you can get this wonderful fish it is fantastic raw or cooked.  It stays really moist because of the high oil content when cooked.  If you can't get Kona you could always substitute this recipe with a tuna, yellowtail, escolar, or salmon.

1 fillet of Kona Kampachi cut into thinly sashimi slices

1 tbsp of trout roe

2 stalks of garlic chives sliced thinely

1 tbsp of crushed pink peppercorns

2 tbsp of ponzu dressing

This is a very easy and healthy dish to serve as an appetizer.  Take thinly sliced kona and place on a plate.  Add trout roe, garlic chives, and pink peppercorns.  Finish with soy, ponzu, or miso and black garlic dressing (not shown in picture).  Serve and devour!