Looking for the easiest way to make a gourmet water for the summer?  Yes this post couldn't be easier but it does put a nice twist on making your everyday water a little more flavorful.  Of course you can put all kinds of citrus and cucumbers in water to enhance the flavor but since I have these baby strawberries growing all over the property there really isn't anything sweeter.  Because they are so delicate you really have to treat them with love.  They don't really last more than a day or two after they are picked so know what you doing with them when you pick them if your not popping them directly in your mouth.   Of course you could add these baby strawberries to any alcoholic beverage to make a great cocktail but for this post I'm keeping it really simple.


8oz of sparkling water

5 baby strawberries

3 pieces of mint.

Place all in a glass and enjoy!