This has to be one of the fastest and easiest salad there are.  Watermelon is in season and with the weather still extremely hot in Texas, a fresh watermelon salad is a perfect fix for those sweltering days. You could get more in depth by pickling the rind or compressing the watermelon to give more textures to the salad but this post is all about simplicity.  Yes I do put create simple dishes and more often than not those are the ones that people want the most.  This is all about freshness and simple clean flavors.  I served this as a starter the other night and really just gives a little added flavor than just eating a slice of watermelon.  Anyone  can put together this simple watermelon salad.

3 cups of medium diced watermelon

1 lime zested and 1/2 juiced

1/4 cup of french feta cheese

3 tbsp of fresh ground chile mix ( dried 2 ancho, 2 pasilla, 2 new mexico)

2 tbsp of olive oil

micro arugula


For the Salad

Take dried chiles and place them in a spice grinder without seeds and stems.  Pulse for 15-20 seconds so that the chiles are ground but not powder.  I look for a coarse texture here so you don't have to pulverize the chiles until it is dust.  Take out and set aside.

Place the watermelon in a bowl.  Add olive oil, lime zest, juice, and chile spice.  Season with salt.  You can let the watermelon sit for a few minutes if you want and let the flavors mend together.  Then spoon some on to a plate with the juice.  Crumble the french feta over top and garnish with micro greens.  Serve and enjoy!