Well this was one stop that I was really looking forward to.  Eleven Madison park is ranked number 5 in the worlds best restaurants according to Pellegrino.  I will say as hard is that is to live up to I think they nailed it.  Their service is impeccable, from the moment we walked in the door they new our name and made us feel at home.  I think one of the best services I have ever experienced.  The food was right there as well.  You figure when you have 14-16 courses there will be some great dishes, and some very light and subtle dishes.  Definitely a destination, special occasion restaurant because it is not a cheap meal, but worth it for the people that appreciate this type of meal.  Dinner is roughly 3-4 hours, but doesn't really skip a beat.  You don't really realize until maybe the very end because for us it was very late and we were tired and really full.  Again from the moment you walk in they make you leave everything at the door and your in their hands for the next few hours.  The attention to detail on every level is amazing and that is why they have 3 michelin stars and one of the best in the world.  Chef Daniel Humm is a chef that has really put it all together.  His cookbook is a must in my opinion for every modern chef.  It has a great mix of old and new.  His combinations I think are not only inventive but sound.  The meal starts off with drinks if you so choose.  I think we got two cocktails and sat at our table. There are no menus and you tell them before the meal starts of an allergies or things you don't want to eat.  Then they drop off this little punch out with their logo on it and four flavors.  They said to pick one flavor that you like and they will have a few dishes revolve around the flavor you picked.  After that the meal starts.  I apologize for the poor pictures but it was dark, lighting is low and just couldn't get great pictures for some reason. 

First course they drop of a little box

Savory Black and white cookies.  Cheddar with apple.  Really cool and great

Next we had pear gelee, with walnuts and celery root

Then we had Horseradish with apple snow and water chestnuts

Next was beef dishes in two segments first was an amazing beef tartar with smoked marrow

On the outside was the marrow cream and you dig in and the tartar was inside.  Really cool and delicious.

Next was probably the best pastrami I have ever had in my life.  It was melt in the mouth.  They went to every deli in NYC to try the best pastrami and then talked to the chefs to recreate theirs.  I think they cure it sous vide it, then smoked it.  It was so tender and just delicious.  They served it with rye, mustard gel, black garlic and pickles.  Awesome course wish I had more of the beef but this is only 4 courses in.

Served with a bottle of home made soda pop

Next I had foie gras with sunchokes and hazelnut

My wife had sunchoke with pear, buttermilk and truffle. She loved it.

This is about the time they brought the bread.  They only make one type of bread and its all they need to make.  This was the downfall of our night.  You see my wife and I love bread and we are not scared to eat it. The bread "rolls" they brought we a cross between a croissant and brioche dough.  It was seriously one of the best pieces of bread I have ever had.  They served it with duck butter and regular butter.  I can honestly say I think we both had 5 of them each.  We were a little embarrassed and I say a little because they kept asking if we wanted more and we asked if we could have more.  After 3 I think we slowed down a bit but in between courses its a great snack.  I said this was the downfall because we were so full by the last course or two and if we wouldn't of had so much bread I think we wouldn't have been uncomfortably full.

Next they rolled out a table side waldorf.  They had this antique shredder that the waiter made right in front of us.  The dish was so simple with apple, celery, cranberries, walnut and blue cheese but it was delicious. 

The dish was served on a wooden plate/bowl.  After you ate the waldorf salad, they lifted the plate off of the bowl and underneath was a little yogurt and granola

Next we had Black bass, raw and seared with black radish, daikon, and sesame

Another great round of dishes.  Next was one of the best dishes of the night for me.  Simple in idea.  Celery root and black truffle.  But the flavors and textures were amazing.

underneath the celery puree was an intense black truffle surprise.  Awesome dish!

Next was their signature Roasted Duck with lavender and honey.  Served with rutabaga.  They also serve a consomme and an extremely rich duck leg, mashed potato and reduction sauce.  So rich and flavorful.

not shown is the duck leg and potato puree

After all these courses you need to take a break and have a picnic. Literally

They gave you home made beer, pretzel, onion, and dried fruit.  The plates even looked like paper plates. A really playful course.

The next course was sweet potato curd, with espresso meringue, and orange sorbet

Then another show stopper the baked alaska

Then they gave us a bottle of scotch and chocolate covered pretzels and said we could stay as long as we like. 

at this point we were about done, they gave us another box filled with the black and white cookies except this time they were sweet and not savory.  They gave us a bag with the menus and two of the best jars of granola you have ever had.  Definitely would love to go back but bring your wallet.  Hope you enjoyed as much as we did.




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