It has been a few years but we had dinner at Chambard in Alsace France.  Beautiful part of the country in one of their many wine areas near the German border.  Just like everything in France food is local, very fresh, and full of flavor.  We took out my parents on this occasion and it was nice to have them along.  Fine dining is a luxury and not many people can afford it or want to pay it even if they have it.  My parents are ones that tend not to spend a ton on just a meal.  But the french (and others) will spend money on good food.  This is a 2 star michelin restaurant that was only about 15 minutes from where we were staying in Orbey France.  I think the restaurant has had a renovation and change their format for the tasting menu.  When we were there they only had one menu and that's what you got.  Luckily for us it was dishes that were could eat and really enjoyed.  If I'm ever back in this part of the country definitely would like to try this restaurant out again.  We had four courses.

They started us out with an amouse of oyster leaf with cream and fingerlimes

That was the first time trying oyster leaf and it was very unique.  We all enjoyed the amouse.

Next was a beet dish with a mushroom like soup that had bits of foie gras.  It was a really delicious course

Next we had a bass dish with radish and reduction sauce.  Also was another good dish.

Of course the bread and butter were flawless.

Next we had a whole roasted local chicken that was presented to us first and then served.

Next we had two dessert chocolate fondant and a frozen pear and foam dessert.  Both were perfect.

And if that wasn't enough they rolled out the mignardise cart which I have never seen any restaurant with this many options at the end of the meal.  They let us have as many as we wanted.

Great end to a great night.  I think I tried half of the things on the cart.  All I can say is lots of work for the pastry staff.  And we thank them for it.  If you ever in the Alsace region of France make it a point to stop off in Kayserberg for great food at Chambard.