Continuing with my restaurant experiences and taking a short break on the recipes for now.  My family and I took a trip a few months back to New York City and ate around town.  I also went back even more recently and ate a few more Michelin restaurants.  In the last two trips I've had the opportunity to eat at 4 out of the 6 3 star Michelin restaurants in NYC amongst a few others.  The elm is located in Brooklyn and is where chef Paul Liebrandt works.  I was really interested in trying his food since he has been on the scene for a long time.  I think he was one of the youngest guys to receive 2 stars when he was 24 years old.  Some might say a bit controversial but I am not going to comment on any of those things that I don't have first hand knowledge about.  I was there to try his newest endeavor The Elm .  At the time we had our 1 year old son with us and we took to an early dinner that night.  I don't know if we took pictures of every little thing but I again I'm not here to critique but simply share.  The night started off with an amouse of miso financier with black garlic and it was delicious.  No picture on that one. 

The next course my wife had the "fish and chips" with black lime and root vegetable chips.   It was delicious as well

I had the foie gras torchorn with mushrooms and green apple

Next we had one of the best short rib dishes I have ever had.  I think they sous vide it for 48 hours and then smoked it and then seared and glazed it.  It was very flavorful and memorable.  It was served with smoked carrots and potatoes fondant. 

I had the duck with endive and turnips.  It was also very good

My son by this point was starting to get a little tired so we just ordered one dessert to share.  It was a lemon tart with avocado and coconut sorbet.  Fantastic end to the meal and the avocado was a interesting surprise.

Would definitely recommend the restaurant if you are in Brooklyn.  Also the hotel is a very nice boutique hotel that would be a great place to stay as well.  Hope you enjoyed!