Jean George is a name that has been around for a long time.  Here I visited his flagship restaurant that holds 3 Michelin stars in the trump towers in NYC.  Great location, beautiful dining room and kitchen,  the food was great too.  Really an overall great dining experience.  What's great is really all of the 3 stars michelin restaurants in NYC that I have noticed really do deliver a difference.  Yes they all offer great meals with great service but they each have their own identity as well. That's something they all work on very hard and to remain cutting edge at the same times is a constant battle.  We did there tasting menu which was great.  Nothing that was over the top but everything was just really well executed.  My boss absolutely loved how the flavors lingered in her mouth.  She really enjoyed the meal.  Here's what we had

The first amouse was kale with wasabi

I enjoyed it

Next was a tempura celery root with spicy aioli.  Very tasty.

The first course was a refreshing mint "soup"  Really refreshing and delicious

Next I had foie gras with granola and cranberries. Sorry but forgot to take a picture before I started eating it.

Next we had a delicious hamachi with avocado mouse, soy gel and radish

Next we had corn ravioli with pesto and tomatoes.  Simple and divine.

Next we had poached halibut with mushrooms and leeks

We also had the black bass with nuts and seeds with sweet and sour sauce.  Good but to be honest not my favorite of the night.

For the meat course I had lamb and my boss had the classic Parmesan chicken which she absolutely loved.

Intermezzo's were really fun sorbets on little cookie shells

Last but not least was dessert.  I have to say it just okay for me.  It was a sponge cake with balsamic, berries, cream with basil, beignets, sorbet.  Lots of different things going on, it wasn't bad but it wasn't memorable.

Overall a great meal and would definitely recommend this to anyone headed to NYC.