Continuing my restaurant "reviews" and taking a little break from my recipe files.  Here is a restaurant, The Latymer, that holds two michelin stars and the only thing I can think of that is holding it back from three would maybe be the dining room. We thought it is a bit stuffy, or least that was our first impression, stuffy might not be the right word.  The dining room is beautiful, romantic, and uniquely British; but it had that English formality to it which I'm not say is bad. Maybe it was because the night we went the dining room wasn't completely full yet and it was probably because we made early reservations. Stuffy is not the word to describe the dining room, I think the word is dark. Dark tones on the wood and decor and don't remember being any windows in the dining room.  Really that is probably the only downfall if any I could see to the whole experience . The hotel, The Penny HIll, is a beautiful spa resort secluded in a gorgeous part of the town, Surrey.  We planned our trip on dinning after we went and toured Windsor castle since it wasn't too far from there (maybe 20 minutes drive).  We are sure glad we did.  Chef Michael Wignall is one of the Europe's best chef's in my opinion.  Very talented and constantly on the fore fronts of modern cuisine.  His food is technical and precise, definitely worthy of 3 stars. I know that he is very revered and respected in a heavily competitive U.K./Europe market.  Lots of very talented British Chef's, again I am a huge fan of chef Michael Wignall, one chef that I would have loved to work under if I could turn back the hands of time.  Next best thing is cookbook, which I hope comes out soon (I don't know if he is even working on one but I can hope).  Another night of dining with just my wife and we had the full tasting, although this time my wife decided to do the vegetarian because she was pregnant at the time and didn't want raw meats.  The meal was absolutely awesome and would love to go back if ever the chance.  I think between the two of us we had close to 20 dishes so this is going to have lots of photos.

The first thing they dropped off was and amouse of the most perfect chicken mousse I have ever had in my life.  It was perfect because it didn't taste like chicken liver(not the biggest fan) and had a little sweet jelly on top.  Absolutely Delicious, light as a cloud. I loved it! They served it with some vegetable chips

Next we both got a carrot and beet dishes with wilted lettuce.  Again the theme of the night was delicious.

Next they dropped off the bread service which was perfect and knowing us we never leave any bread left.

Next my wife had a vegetable ravioli ( I think sunchoke) with chantreles and onions

I had the duck relouade with fried duck tongue and pastrami.  I was happy!

Next my wife had a really playful dish I think they called a Mediterranean salad.  A modern interpretation if you will.  Excellent I really liked this dish.  Thought it was really smart.  He made a thin sheet of red pepper jelly that melted in your mouth when you ate it.  Olive spheres, with feta, and olive crumbs; really a tasty dish.

I had a bass with root vegetables topped with truffle that was really fantastic.

Next my wife had a dish of Onions served multiple ways.  It was good but she's not overly crazy about onions.  I liked it.

Next we both got the mushroom dish with cepes and cous cous.  Good but probably one of the weaker dishes of the evening.

Next was lamb 3 ways with squash puree.

My wife had a delicious squash dish

Both came with sides that were perfect

Next was the cheese course, Blue with, cheese cracker, and shaved local cheese. I remember it being good.


Next was a modern take on apple and caramel. if you may. Green apple sorbet, caramelized apples, caramel sauce, praline, and a warm doughnut. 


My wife got the peach dessert with sponge cake and different textures and I had an awesome pistachio and raspberry dessert.  The pistachio cake I can still taste how moist and delicious it was.

great end to a meal and they finished off with little treats at the end which we didn't capture.  Huge fan and would love to go back.