Well keeping with the theme of the Top Chefs Finale in San Miguel de Allende I thought maybe I would share some of our favorite restaurants we ate at a little over a year ago.  San Miguel is an absolutely beautiful part of Mexico nestled in between farm country and the mountains.  I wished we would of taking more pictures of all the places we ate at but this was our first trip out of the country with our son.  So it wasn't at the top of our list.  We were more concentrated on actually eating without him crying through the meal.  Anyways here was a few of our favorites.  Moxi is probably our number one choice who's chef owner was actually one of the judges on last nights episode of Top Chef.  We actually ate here twice in one week.  The first time we ordered only three or four courses.  The second time we ordered their 7 course tasting.  It was delicious and chef Enrique Olvera is one of Mexico's most revered chefs and his restaurant pujol is on the top 50 list in the world.  Right behind that restaurant I would have to put Calenda Restaurant in Hotel Nena which might actually be closed which would be a sad thing if its true.  The hotel is not closed but the restaurant might have changed.  This place was awesome and the chef, Matteo Salis, was really talented used a lot of modern techniques and the food was delicious.  We ate here twice as well.  I think he might of moved on to Aperi   Next we had a great meal at the beautiful Rosewood property 1826  Wonderful food with even a better setting.  Literally right around the corner from Hotel Nena.  For pastries we had to try Petit Four which has great variety in their offerings although it is more french than mexican.  For churros you can't go to san miguel and not try San Agustin trio of churros.  One of the best ice creams I have ever was in the city square with a guy selling it from his cart.  Absolutely awesome.  We had Italian at Francescos which was great but service is a bit slow but that kind of is the case everywhere.  We tried an Argentinian restaurant that was good and few others that slip my mind at the moment.  One place we ate at on our last day didn't even have a name you just had to know where it was and we had a local take us out there.  All I know is the bread there is amazing every place I went we had different kinds of bread.  One restaurant which I think was called the restaurant  serve us 3 different rolls red wine, herb, and cricket.  Yes ground up crickets.  It was delicious but my wife wouldn't try it.  There is literally a place to eat on every corner.  Prices are very reasonable even at the high end restaurants.  I would love to go back to San miguel de allende, a gorgeous city in a beautfiul part of the country, completely safe, and absolutely great food.  The city is filled with boutique hotels and restaurants.  It is a melting pot for artists and chefs.  If you ever get the chance to visit san miguel de allende I would highly recommend it and who knows maybe you will run into a top chef.