If you are ever in Las Vegas and want to visit one of the worlds best chocolatiers and pastry chefs you have to visit Jean Philippe in the Bellagio Hotel .  Jean Philippe is a master chocolatier and pastry chef recognized around the world.  In the 90's and  2000's you could find him everywhere on tv, magazines, and all over New York and Europe.  You don't hear so much about him these days because you have younger talent working their way up the ranks but he is world renowned and someone who paved a lot paths for younger chefs.

When you walk by the shop, you can't help but notice the gigantic chocolate fountains that flow like like rivers from the ceiling all the way down to the floor.  As you enter the shop you are overwhelmed with all kinds of chocolates and pastries that fill this small side shop in the Bellagio hotel.  

For my wife and I, we drool walking into a shop like this, because everything looks so great and we really love pastries.  We want to try everything but know we can only stomach a few things; but I guess that is a dilemma we gladly accept.  Living in Austin you don't see a lot of pastry shops with European caliber, although there are a few scattered around the city.

I think my wife and I got two different pastries each and few chocolates.  To say they were delicious was an understatement.  Here are a few images from the shop filled with tarts, flans, opera, Napoleons, and so much more.

Chocolate Eagle made completely out of chocolate.