Per se an absolutely stunning restaurant with even better views over looking central park in the time warner building in New York City.  Thomas keller is one of the worlds most recognized chef's in the world.  He has built an empire starting with French Laundry, Bouchon, Ad hoc, Per Se, and Bouchon Bakeries.  Multiple cookbooks, food product line with william sonoma.  He is also one of the head coaches for the american team in bocuse d'or (biggest chef competition, think oscars or olympics for chefs) which place the highest ever this year at second.  The list I'm sure goes on and on.  He is one of the most respected Chef's in the world not only for his knowledge and technique but overall approach to cooking and beyond.  If there is any advice to a young chef who is looking to gain the tools needed to succeed I would recommend giving the first 5 years or so to working with his restaurant group trying to soak up as much as possible.  If you want to be a serious chef you go work with one of the best, period.   I never did unfortunately, I did almost live and work in the Napa area over 13 years ago but I decided to go live and work in San Francisco instead of Napa.  

Per Se is a 3 star michelin restaurant that has prided itself on perfection (or as close as you can come to in the restaurant world) From the moment you walk in you feel like you are among the elite.  The staff are trained to a tee.  There isn't a thing they miss or wouldn't want to accommodate.  The staff was so nice and pleasant.  Sometimes you think these really nice restaurants are stuffy, (and some can be) but this was not.  Elegant, definitely! Luxurious, absolutely. But I didn't feel like it was stuffy.  Wonderful meal but would love to go back and try it again.  Hopefully some day soon.  Here's what I had.

The iconic salmon cone.  Something French Laundry has been serving for close to 20 years.

The other signature amouse is the gourgeres, that explode in your mouth

First course I had a buckwheat bilini with beet, apple, and horseradish


Then I had a roasted sunchoke with, matsutake, hearts of palm, komatsuna, and grapefruit.

Next I had the Tuna with bottarga, cranberry beans, aji dulce, and romaine.  The romaine I thought was genius to give a refreshing crunch.

Then I had another signature dish the calotte de beouf by far one of the best pieces of beef I have ever put in my mouth.  Ribeye cap with salsify, and pecans.  Awesome!

Then I had 3 desserts that were all amazing.   This was their version of smores with graham cracker ice cream, marshmallow and chocolate crumbs.

Next I had a version of berries and cream

And then ended with a home made chocolate bar.  Melt in your mouth

They left me with chocolates and shortbread that I took home with me for my wife because she couldn't be there.  They were delicious as well.  First class all the way, I would really recommend anyone trying this in New York.  It was actually a little cheaper than I thought for lunch and gratuity was included in the bill.  Love to go back but will also like to try the French Laundry if I am ever back in the Napa area.