St. John is a great little restaurant on the bottom level of their hotel.  It is a one star michelin restaurant that serves up really straight forward food done perfectly.  You don't see anything you haven't heard of before.  Simply put, St. John is food done right.   We had the opportunity to eat here for lunch and what a pleasant surprise it was.  Clean, small interior that wasn't stuffy at all.  The price point wasn't terrible at all so it really was enjoyable all the way around

Here was the first course,  Roasted carrots with toasted bread crumbs with fresh local farmers cheese and capers  Really a great appetizer.

The next was roasted bone marrow with toasted bread and fresh parsley salad.  Another straight forward but well executed dish.

Meat pie.  One of the best meat pies I have ever had.  A fabulous meat pie that you could tell had been cook in a really great stock that gave it lots of depth and flavor.  Excellent!  Served with buttery mashed potatoes.

Great lunch and I would hight recommend it to anyone in the London area.