Joel Robuchon is an icon in the chef world.  He is a chef who's name has been known around the world for almost 4 decades.  He has more michelin stars than any other chef in the world.  His extensive resume has made him one of the most recognized names in the culinary world despite his age.  Everyone of his restaurants has at least one Michelin star.  He has done extensive travels to Asia looking for new ingredients and teaching his techniques which has extended his knowledge and career.  His L'Atelier restaurant concept has restaurants in multiple countries.  His restaurant in Las vegas is one of the only 3 stars michelin restaurants in the city. He is a guru when it comes to classic french techniques which he has married with some Asian ingredients.  On this occasion I got to try his L'Atelier restaurant in Paris.

 Paris has so many great restaurants that's it is hard to pick just one or two to eat at.  This was my second trip to Paris, on my first trip I had the opportunity to eat at one of the cities oldest restaurants that dates back to the late 1700's Le Grand Vefour with Chef Guy Martin which held 3 stars at the time.  These meals, especially in Paris, are not cheap.  I would love to eat in all the restaurants in Paris but of course that would take years and lots of money that I don't have.   But on this occasion I had the opportunity to try one of Joel Robuchons restaurants in the heart of Paris.  The restaurant brings flair of Asia with cooking that is very French.  A gorgeous dinning room that gives the diner plenty to look at.  The dinning room is filled with glass cases filled with vegetables and ingredients floating in water.  The kitchen is opened so you can see all the work that is going on.  We sat at the "bar" so you could see all the action but there are tables as well.  An excellent meal that I would say was very reasonable priced considering a 2 star michelin restaurant right off the famous street in Paris, Champs-Elysées.  Heres what we had hope you enjoyed as much as us.

Our amouse which is not shown here was port with foie gras and parmesan foam in a little shot glass, it was amazing.  

Next we had more foie gras and hamachi with radish

Next I had an awesome parsnips with parmesan appetizers that I thought was really smart and delicious 

Next we had a mushroom soup with dried beef and egg

I had the baby lamb next that was one of the most tender pieces of meat that I have ever had and was simply prepared on the plancha.

My wife had a wonderful beef and vegetable dish with reduction sauce.  Both were served with a side of Joel's famous 50/50 potatoes.  Its the most creamiest, richest, delicious mashed potatoes you ever had in your life.  He equals the weight of potatoes and butter.  So 1 pound of potatoes 1 pound of butter.  Absolutely melt in your mouth.

Excellent bread service off course and Desserts

We had Claufoutis and a version of cream puffs

They sent us home with a little package of la Madeline's for the next morning.  Overall a really fun night with great food in a beautiful city.

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