Here is an appetizer I served the other day that is really easy and straight forward.  Sushi grade fish has become more available at normal stores over the last few years.  I found an organic sushi grade salmon at Whole Foods that really was a great product.  I would estimate that 80% of the sushi served today is previously frozen.  I don't know that as a fact but that is just my guesstimate.  With a lot of dishes sometimes the best recipes are the ones that are simple and left alone to let the ingredients shine.  Still one thing that I have not mastered yet but still trying to learn.  Most of the things can be done ahead of time and it really is a dish that can be put together in a few minutes if everything else is prepped.  Here is the recipe hope you enjoy it.

8 oz of sushi grade salmon

1 red radish shaved thin

1 spring onion bottom shaved thin

1/4 cup of minced fried garlic

3 tbsp of cilantro stems minced


Pickled mushrooms

8 oz of beech mushroom

1/2 cup of black vinegar

1/2 cup of rice wine vinegar

1/2 cup of sugar

1 slice of ginger

1 tsp of sambal



Miso Mayo

Fried carrots, micro radish, and bok choy flowers to garnish

For the pickled mushrooms,

Place all of the ingredients into a pot except for the mushrooms and bring to a boil.  Place the mushrooms in a heat proof container.  Once the liquid comes to a boil and the sugar has dissolved pour over the mushrooms.  Place a lid over it and allow it to come to room temperature.  This is better if it is made at least a day ahead of time.  

To finish the dish,

Take four plates and place one streak of miso mayo down on the plate.  Then take your salmon and slice thin pieces of sashimi and place on top of the miso mayo.  Then spoon on top of the salmon some ponzu.  You can add a touch more fresh lemon juice on top if you desire.  Then finish by adding the pickled mushrooms, fried garlic, radish, onion, cilantro stems, flowers and fried carrots.  Serve and enjoy!