Here was our last michelin restaurant in Dublin.  Chapter one, a first class restaurant all the way.  A beautiful dinning room and kitchen for that matter.  We called literally 30 minutes before we showed up and they accommodated us wonderfully.  The restaurant manager bent over backwards for us. I was in Ireland almost 2 weeks and I hadn't had an Irish coffee.  That was one of the request from my boss before I left was to try a true authentic Irish coffee.  I have had the famous Irish coffee in San Francisco at Buena Vista  which is really fantastic.   But in general I am not a huge coffee drinker.  Well I waited until the last day to try one.  I couldn't think of a better place to have an irish coffee.  To be honest with you I would go back just for the irish coffee.  That is how good theres was.  By far the best Irish coffee I have ever had.  They actually make it table side and have a certain way of preparing it that I'm sure no one else does.  

If I remember correctly the restaurant sits under the apartment where Jameson (founder of the famous whisky) used to live.   We had limited time but we still managed to squeeze in the 3 course tasting lunch.  I really think this restaurant could get 2 stars but we'll see.  Here's what we had.

First course the ladies had the corn soup which was really loved by everyone

I had the veal breast with mustard.  It was good but something the breading on the breast was a little thick.  

I had the duck breast with ginger crusted carrot and bonito sweet potato.

Most of everyone else had the beef with onions, mushrooms, and cauliflower

Next was an array of desserts. Berries and cream, Fig and pana cotta, Chocolate parfait, and whiskey sorbet with meringue

I couldn't upload the video of the irish coffee because the file was too big so I'll have to resort to a picture

For the Irish coffee they started off by caramelize the sugar table side in a pan and then flambĂ© it.  They let it reduce a bit and then add the coffee.   He cooked it for another minute or two and then poured it in the glass.  The cream is a whole technique in itself. The cream can't be too thick and shouldn't leak into the coffee.  You have to have a spoon in the middle of the glass to catch the cream as you pour it.  The whole process took about 7 minutes or so for him to make it.  But I tell you I would go back just for that.  Awesome lunch.  I would highly recommend it.