A few months back we were in Dublin, Ireland having a wonderful time in an absolutely beautiful country.  With a lot of family in town my brother and I wanted to take our whole family out to a nice dinner.  I found Locks Brasserie a small restaurant tucked away in a neighborhood that is off the beaten path in downtown Dublin.  A one star michelin restaurant that served up some great food.  Because we had over 12 people that gave us a private room which was perfect for our family, which tends to be loud.  If your in Dublin I would definitely recommend this restaurant if you want to get off the beaten path.  Here was our private dinner.  We had a set menu so couldn't do the whole menu because of the amount of people we had.  But didn't change the fact that it is a cute little restaurant that serves up tasty food.

Here is just a few dishes we had.  Sorry didn't get all the pictures included


My first course was cured duck with celery and apple

Another first course was house smoked salmon

I had the halibut and the other was a steak and frites which isn't pictured.  

Dessert was great but didn't capture it.  Great dinner we had lots of fun.  I hope you enjoyed as much as we did.