Le Bernardin, I really don't have to say any more than that.  An iconic New york restaurant that has been around for at least 25 years.  Chef Eric Ripert one of the worlds best chefs, has been running it for about the last 20 years or so after Chef co-owner Gilbert Le Coze died at young age.  Chef Eric has continued the tradition taught by his predecessor which has kept the restaurant at the top for many years.  Chef Eric has cook books, tv show, and multiple other endeavors he is involved in.  A true perfectionist in French cuisine that has been offered to open Le Bernadine's in multiple locations but has stuck to his flagship in NYC.  Le Bernadine is known for having "simple" fish dishes executed perfectly.  The truth is, the dishes aren't simple and there is a reason they are zagats top restaurant in NYC, have 3 michelin stars, and are number 19 in the world best restaurant list. They have been at the top for over 25 years.   To say I was really excited to eat here was an understatement.  So much history behind this restaurant and Chef, the highest quality and standard to achieve.  It is always a treat and a bit luxurious to eat in this kind of restaurant.  

Eating in these types of restaurants is more than just getting a meal.  It is a true dining experience, not just all about the food; but where the service is just as an important.  They are trying to leave you with a memory about the whole dinning experience from the time you walk in the door to the time you leave.  Every detail has been thought of and taking care of.  These are things that an average diner isn't thinking about or wants to for that matter.  This is just one factor, of many, why these types of restaurants are "so" expensive.  The average dinner has no idea how much goes into just one dish let alone a whole menu.  That is just the food side.  You have all the other moving parts that I won't go into at this time.  I will say though that Le Bernadine is one of the more reasonably priced 3 star michelins restaurants in the world.   Well worth every penny.  This outing was even a little more exciting because I decided to take my dad out for his 65th birthday.  My dad isn't one for spending a big amounts of money on a meal but he has come to appreciate fine dinning especially with me working in some over the years.  He is always happy to eat it.  Literally everything melted in your mouth and the flavors were very subtle.  Here is what we had for their 7 course lunch.

They started off the meal with a bowl of perfectly smoked salmon with crostini.  We gobbled it up.

Next we both had one of their signature dishes a thinly piece of tuna with a crouton and thin layer of foie gras.  A touch of lemon and olive oil finished with chives.  One word, Perfection!

Next my dad had an artichoke dish with risotto which was good but needed a bit of salt.  I think this was the only complaint if we had one of the whole meal. 

I had the hamachi with puffed rice cracker and ponzu.  Delicious

Next my dad had Olive oil poached escolar with citron and olive.

I had the Steelhead trout with leek sauce and roe

Next my dad had the salmon with lotus root and beech mushrooms.

I had the Wild Striped Bass; Bhutanese Red Rice, Green Papaya Salad, Ginger-Red Wine Sauce

Next we had our pre dessert of citrus.  Candied, sorbet, it was absolutely delicious

Next was dessert, chocolate brownie with caramel, toasted marcona  and some type of bomb.  It was amazing!

A fantastic lunch that we thoroughly enjoyed.  We absolutely would love to go back next time we are in New York City.  Here's to a great 65th Dad.

They sent us home with a few little treats that I brought back for my wife since she had to babysit.  A great meal, great company, and a great restaurant.  Highly recommend to anyone who enjoys a fine meal.