Here's a dish I did just the other day.  Take some of the great summer ingredients like, cucumber, corn, and strawberries combined with almond and shaved frozen foie gras.  A light summer dish that Jp loved and Eloise as well minus the foie gras.  The foie gras was a terrine I had mad awhile ago that I kept frozen in a cryovac bag.  The almond broth I made simply with almond milk and marcona almonds.   This recipe is takes no time at all if you have the foie gras already done.  If not you might need a few days for that part of the recipe.  Here is the recipe I hope you enjoy


Almond "broth"

2 1/2 cups of unsweetened almond milk

3/4 cup of marcona almonds

Salt if needed

Foie Gras cure for 1 lobe 

7g of salt

3 g of sugar

1g of pink curing salt 

5 g of sauternes or brandy, or madeira


1 cup of diced peeled cucumber

1 corn on the cob roasted and cut off the cob

8 strawberries quartered

1/4 cup of chopped marcona almonds

3 tbsp of basil oil

Petite chrysanthemum and basil leaves


For the foie gras, 

Take out the foie gras and let it come to room temperature.  Clean all the blood veins out of the foie gras (you will have to break up some of the foie gras into smaller pieces to get all of them, alternatively you can push the foie gras through a tamis).  Then mix sugar and salts together for the cure.  Season the foie gras with the curing mix.  Drizzle the foie gras with the sauternes.  Then take 2 large plastic wrap sheets and slightly overlap them.  Place the foie gras in the bottom 1/4 of the plastic wrap.  Place the foie gras in a straight line in that bottom 1/4 of the plastic wrap.  The roll up tightly like a sausage.  Take a cake tester and poke small holes in the plastic to allow air pockets to escape.  The tie up each end of the "sausage".  Place in a cryovac bag and cure for 24 hours.  Then the next day bring a water bath to 140 degrees.  Place the foie gras in the water bath for 10 minutes.  Then shock in a ice bath for two minutes.  Here you can do two things.  You can either keep the foie gras in the "sausage" form (Torchon) or you can place in a loaf pan or sheet pan or any other form you want the foie gras to be in.  If you want the foie gras to be completely silky smooth then take the foie gras out of the cryovac bag.  Unwrap the plastic and pour all of the ingredients into a food processor (even the fat that looks like melted butter).  Puree the foie gras smooth until the fat has re-emulsified with the foie gras.   Then you can place this in a terrine mold lined with plastic wrap.  Chill for 3 hours and then weigh down with a weight on top of the terrine overnight.  Alternatively for the torchon keep it in the ice bath for 10 minutes until completely cool.  Take out of the bag and wrap in cheesecloth.  Then tie both ends but on one end keep the string long.  Tie the long end up on wrack in your refrigerator overnight.  Gravity will push the foie gras down into a tight roll.  The next day use what you need for any dish you want the rest you can keep cryovac and in the freezer until you need it.  

For the almond milk,

Simply add both ingredients to a vita mix and puree  until smooth.  Season and keep cold

To Finish the dish,

In a small bowl mix corn, cucumber, and basil oil.  Season with salt and place on side of the bowl.  Then add quartered strawberries.  Add the chopped marcona almonds.  Then pour in the almond milk.  Take the foie terrine out of the freezer and peel with a peeler or micro plane.  Garnish with micro greens, serve and enjoy!