Here is a great spring to summer dish using all the abundance that is around during that season.  Light, refreshing, and healthy.  Its a dish using some recipes that were left over from a few other dishes.  That is the beauty of either of having leftovers or preserves.   Its easy to put dishes together when you have ingredients that are already made.  Not one for making long descriptions so here is the recipe, I hope you enjoy!

2 cups peas blanched
2 cups of fava beans blanched and peeled
1/2 cup of semi dried/drained ricotta or could use ricotta salata
3 tbsp of curry oil
3 tbsp of turmeric syrup (from candied turmeric) see recipe
1 cup of pea sprouts 

1/4 cup of Persian mint leaves 

Garnish Borage flowers, toasted pistachios

Pistachio butter see recipe

To finish the dish,

Place peas and favas in a mixing bowl.  Drizzle with curry oil and season with salt and pepper. Place and round cookie cutter on the plate and add the pistachio butter.  Then toss in the mint with the peas and fava beans.  Mix and place inside the cookie cutter on top of the pistachio butter.  Grate or crumble your drained ricotta (mine was frozen and then thawed a bit) on top of the peas and fava's.  Drizzle some turmeric syrup on top of everything.  Then remove the cookie cutter and top with pea sprouts, pistachios, and borage flowers.  Serve and enjoy!