Here is an appetizer I served just the other day for a small dinner party. This dish is light, refreshing, and absolutely delicious.  This was a huge hit, one definitely to keep in the vault of recipes.  This recipe is really highlighting the cucumbers that grow wild in the garden along with the stalks of celery we had as well.  Combined these flavors with a buttery smokey black cod and the result is really fantastic.  Lastly you get a bit of acid from the yogurt which has been foamed a  little bit to create a yogurt cloud


1 whole fillet Smoked Black Cod recipe here (Done at least 3 days before)

Cucumber sorbet
4 cups cucumber juice
1 cup water
1 cup sugar
3 tbsp inverted sugar
2 tbsp glucose
1 lemon juice
1 tsp salt

Aerated Yogurt
5oz fage yogurt
1 lemon juiced
4 tbsp of water
1 tsp of salt
2 cartridges of n2o 

Cucumber Compote
3/4 cup of brunoise cucumber
1/2 cup of brunoise celery
1/2 cup of brunoise young coconut meat
2 tbsp of capers
1 tsp of white balsamic
1 tsp of lemon oil
Salt to taste 

Chive oil
8 oz of chives blanched
1 1/2 cup of vegetable oil
pinch of salt

Cucumber Celery Broth
1 large cucumber
6 large stalks of celery
1 lemon
Salt to taste

Garnish Celery leaves, dill, chive blossoms, borage flowers 

Cucumber Sorbet,

Place water, sugar, glucose, and inverted sugar in a small pot.  Turn on medium high and bring to a simmer.  Cook for 2 or 3 minutes until sugars dissolve.  Pour into a bowl and chill completely. Once completely chilled add lemon juice, cucumber juice, and salt to the simple syrup.  Pour into ice cream machine and use according to your machines instructions.  Once sorbet is done place in the freezer.  

For the Aerated Yogurt,

Place all the ingredients into a isi foamer.  Add one n2o cartridge and shake the canister for a good 30 seconds to distribute the gas. Then add the 2nd cartridge and do the same.  Then place in the refrigerator until ready to use.  

For the Chive oil,

In a hot salted pot of water blanch the chives for 10-15 seconds.  Then place in a ice bath to stop the cooking process.  Allow to cool for 5 minutes.  Drain off the water from the chives, squeeze the chives to release any excess water.  Place in a vita mix and add the oil.  Puree smooth for 30-45 seconds.  Then strain through a fine mesh strainer (do not push the oil through the strainer, allow to drip, this way you won't get any of the pulp in your oil.

For the Cucumber-celery broth,

Juice cucumber and celery in a vegetable juicer.  Squeeze in lemon juice and salt.  Set aside and keep cool.

For the Coconut compote,

Add diced cucumber, celery, young coconut meat, and capers into a a small bowl. Drizzle with lemon oil, white balsamic, and a bit of salt to season. 

To finish

Slice black cod thinly and place 6 slices in the middle of the bowl.  Using a round cookie cutter add a few spoonfuls of the cucumber compote.  Then add the cucumber sorbet.  Foam the yogurt using the isi siphon.  Then pour in the cucumber broth.  Add the flowers and herbs.  Finish with the chive oil in the cucumber broth.  Serve and enjoy!