Here is a fish dish that was inspired by a bacon wrapped black cod I had years ago at craft restaurant.  The key to this recipe is using a vegetable "pasta" machine that can cut the potatoes like strings of thin "pasta".  You then take the strings wrap it around the cod.  Not only does this give the fish a great visual appeal but it gives a wonderful crunch as well.  I made a wonderful "risotto" out of sunflower seeds that was cooked in vegetable stock, finished with hedgehog mushrooms, a little cream, truffle butter, and parmesan.  When the sunflower seeds are cooked in this method they still retain a little crunch to them but they transform into a nutty, earthy flavor, that is still tender but a little al dente as well.  I made a simple sauce with sorrel to round out the dish.  Here is the recipe I hope you enjoy it!

1 1/2 lb wild cod loin cut into 3-4 oz pieces
2 large potatoes stringed "noodles" 

2 cups of sunflower seeds
3-4 cups of vegetable stock here
1/3 cup of cream
3 tbsp of truffle butter here
1 cup of hedgehog mushrooms
drop of sherry vinegar
1 oz of grated fresh parmesan
Salt and pepper

Sorrel aioli
1 bunch of green sorrel
1 cup of aioli or veganaise
salt to taste 

Garnish fennel fronds, micro greens, celery leaves, truffles 

For the Sunflower risotto 

In a small sauce pot on medium heat add 1 tbsp of truffle butter and sunflower seeds.  Toast for 1 minutes and then add 1 cup of vegetable stock with a pinch of salt.  Cook for a few minutes until the broth is just about gone, then add another cup of vegetable stock.  Continue this process 2-3 more times (roughly about 20-25 minutes) until the seeds have plumped up and are tender.  If you are doing this ahead of time you can stop and cool down the seeds here.   Right before you are ready to serve the dish take a small saute pan with 1 tbsp of truffle butter and mushrooms and cook for 5 minutes.  Then add your cream and seeds to the pan.  Cook for 3-4 minutes until the cream has thickened and reduced. Finish the sunflower risotto with truffle butter and parmesan cheese.  Season with salt, pepper, and a splash of vinegar.  Set aside and keep warm.

For the Sorrel sauce,

Place all the ingredients in a vitamix and puree until smooth.  Place in a squirt bottle and set aside.  

For the Fish,

You will need a vegetable turning slicer machine here for the potatoes.  You will need the setting that will give you the thin angel hair like potato strings.  Take the potatoes on the slicer and turn the slicer to create these strings of potato.  You can place them in cold water if you don't have time to work quickly to prevent them from browning.  I didn't but if I was doing a lot I would have.  Take your 3-4 oz pieces of cold and carefully take one end of the potato and start wrapping one end of the cod.  Continue the process until you have about a 2 deep layer of potato wrapped around the cod.  Set aside and continue with the rest of the cod fillets.  

To finish,

In a small sauce pot add about a 1/2 cup of grapeseed oil for pan frying.  Once the temperature comes to 325 add a few pieces of the potato wrapped cod.  Fry on one side for about 2 minutes or golden brown.  Then rotate the fish to the next side of uncooked potato.  Continue the process until all sides of the potato are golden brown (roughly 6 minutes).  Take out and drain on a paper towel and season immediately with salt all over. Continue until all the pieces are cooked.  Then take on a plate add a few spoonfuls of the sunflower risotto.  Place the fish on top.  Add some of the sorrel sauce around and on top of the fish.  Finish with some of the micro herbs and fresh truffles.  Serve and enjoy!

potato cod.jpg