This was a spin off of the wagyu meatball tortellini pasta dish I already made with the kobe meatball tortellini.  Please see this recipe.  Your basically adding fish, sautéed kale and summer squash to the dish.  

Sea bass truffle pasta kale and squash

See pasta recipe

4 4oz piece of sea bass
1 bunch of dinosaur kale
8 oz of yellow party pan squash cut in half 

To Finish,

In a hot saute pan add 2 tbsp of olive oil.  Season sea bass on both side with salt.  Place the sea bass fillet down into the pan.  Turn down the heat to medium high.  Cook for 5 minutes so the fish gets a really deep dark crust.  In another large saute pan add olive oil, kale, and patty pan squash, Cook for 5 minutes.  Place 20-25 tortellini in to a pot of salted water and allow to cook for 2-3 minutes.  Strain out and place in the large saute pan with a few ladles of bordelaise sauce.  Add a little of the pasta water to the pan to thin out the sauce if need be.  Adjust the seasoning is need be, add truffles.  To plate add a little of the fennel puree to the bottom of the plate.  Add 5 tortellini to each plate along with the vegetables.  Add the sea bass next to the pasta Add a little more sauce and truffles along with fresh parmesan and fennel fronds.  Serve and enjoy!