I was looking to make a vegetarian dish for dinner this evening and didn't get a chance to run to the market.  I had these ingredients on hand so this is what came out.  I love these types of salads where you have different textures and flavors with lentils, quinoa, and beans. Mix in some vegetables and other bold flavors and you have yourself a wonderful starter for dinner. Here is the recipe I hope you enjoy it!

1 cup of cooked italian butter beans (see merguez)
1 cup of beluga lentils cooked with leek tops
1 cup of cooked quinoa with leek tops
1 cup of diced cucumber
2 cups of roasted quartered brussel sprouts
2 red radishes sliced thin

1/4 cup of pistachio mint pesto
1 cup of mint leaves
2/3 cup of roasted pistachios
2 tbsp of parmesan
1 garlic clove
3/4-1 cup of olive oil

Chanterelle Truffle aioli
1 cup of cooked chanterelle mushrooms (cooked in olive oil and butter for 10 minutes)
1 tbsp of fresh black truffles
splash of truffle oil (if desired)
3/4 cup of veganaise or aioli (mayo)
splash of sherry vinegar
salt and pepper to taste 

Australian black winter truffles
chervil and amaranth 

Mint Pesto,

Place all of the ingredients except for the oil in a food processor. Turn on and puree, while the processor is still on slowly add the olive oil. Stop and scrap the sides if need by, season with salt and pepper once all the oil has been added. Pour out into a bowl and set aside for later.

For the Chanterelle aioli,

In a vitamix blender add all of the ingredients and puree until smooth. Adjust the seasoning with salt and pepper. Set aside for later.

To Finish,

In a large bowl add equal parts, of lentils, beans, and quinoa. Add the roasted brussels and cucumbers. Add 1/4 cup of pistachio mint pesto and mix well. Add a touch of salt if need be. Add sliced radishes to the salad. Place a spoonful of aioli on the plate. Add the salad on top. Top the salad with truffles, herbs, micro greens. Serve and enjoy!

white bean truffle.JPG