This dish screams summer!!! I just love this salad because of the simplicity but also the flavors. Watermelon and tomato might sound like a weird combination but let me reassure you it is not. Amazing how these two basic ingredients can work hand and hand to compliment each other. The beauty of this salad is how easy it can be. You can easily skip the whipped tomato on top and just have the herbs and bread crumbs. If you want the ultimate stripped down version it is just watermelon, tomato, olive oil, and salt. Top it all with a little fresh basil. That is it! And it is delicious! But of course I have to make it a little more refined for this recipe. Take as little or as much of this recipe as you want. Normally I would say this is a fantastic vegan or vegetarian recipe (which it is minus the gelatin in the foam) but really this is just a great summer salad for anyone, even the kids! The end result is refreshing summer salad with just a few ingredients. Here is the recipe I hope you enjoy it!

2 cups of watermelon medium diced

2 cups of yellow heirloom tomatoes medium diced

3 tbsp of olive oil plus more.

2 white radishes shaved thin (optional)

splash of sherry vinegar (optional)

salt and pepper

Tomato Foam

100 g of tomato water

3 g of gelatin

pinch of salt and sugar to taste

1 cup of sourdough croutons

handful of mint and basil leaves with garlic flowers

oven dried tomatoes or dehydrated ground up into powder

For the tomato foam,

Take half of the tomato water and place it in a small pot with a pinch of sugar and salt. Place the other half in a small bowl with the gelatin and bloom. Bring the tomato water to light simmer and then pour half of it over the top of the gelatin bowl. Mix well with a whisk until he gelatin mixture has melted. Once it has melted pour the rest of the tomato water in and mix well. Then cool either in a ice bath or let it come to room temperature. You don’t want it to gel up. Once it is cooled slightly place it in a stand mixer with a whisk attachment and whip until it resembles whipped egg whites. If they start to deflate just rewhip the tomato water. Doesn’t keep well foamy for a long time and needs to be used sooner rather than later.

To Finish,

Place tomatoes and watermelon in a bowl. Season with salt and pepper. Add 3 tbsp of olive oil and a splash of vinegar if you have it. Allow to sit for 5 minutes. Then using a round cookie cutter place the salad inside the ring and gently pack tight. Add slices of the radish and croutons on top. Take the ring off the salad and then a spoonful of tomato foam on top. Add herbs and flowers and a dusting of dried tomato. Add a little extra of the water and juice from the salad. Serve and enjoy!

Tomato and watermelon Panzanella .JPG